how to make a pumpkin tissue paper pom pom


It's time to start decorating for Fall and one easy way is add pumpkins. These tissue paper pumpkins are easy to make, inexpensive and can last for months if kept indoors. They can be hung from chandeliers or placed tabletop in a variety of sizes. 

here's what you need:

12 sheets of orange tissue paper 

1 sheet of green tissue paper


twist tie

Place the single sheet of green tissue paper on a flat service.  Then stack the 12 sheets of orange paper directly on top of the green sheet. Folds the papers in 2" accordion pleats, creasing after each fold. 

Cut the ends in a petal tip. Use sharp scissors to get through all the papers.

Fold the pom in half, petal tip to petal tip. Attach the twist tie in the center where the green is folded, securing well. Then use your pinkie finger to make a little loop. This is where you'll attach your string or clear thread if you wish to hang your pom.

Place the pom on a flat surface with the loop side up and start to unfold your papers, one sheet at a time. Take a look at our how to open your poms instructions for the best way to open poms.


Once your pom is fully opened, take the top green layer and twist it so it resembles a pumpkin vine, bending slightly at the top.

And there you have it! A pretty pumpkin pom.


If you love the idea of having these poms for fall, but can't find good quality, extra large sheets, consider purchasing our custom tissue paper in clementine. Or if you wish, contact us with your request and we'll make a 19" one for just $5 a piece. And please (pretty please) follow us on Facebook or Pinterest. We adore sharing our ideas. Enjoy!
October 02, 2014 by Emilia Pollina

Eco-Friendly Seed Packet Wedding Favor Table

I had the opportunity to create this colorful, earth friendly favor table for an outdoor wedding reception.  It's an easy way to go "green" without losing a bit of brightness or breaking the bank. Customize to your wedding colors and you'll end up with a favor display that's not only eye-catching but good for the environment too.


What you'll need:

desk or table

seed packets

jute string

three wooden containers

soil, pots & shovel

cotton runner & coordinating napkins

tissue paper poms

mini tissue paper poms


Seed packets are topped with 5 inch mini tissue paper poms and tied with jute twine. Either purchase wooden containers or re-purpose old ones by painting them and using chalkboard paint to label your containers. The pots are biodegradable and have a simple message: let love grow.



I hung tissue paper poms from branches. The honeysuckle, peach, apricot, ivory and cream colors really popped against the lush tree lined background. 

Here's a full shot of the table with a special guest. He never tried to take the pom off...what a guy!

I'd love to hear what you think or share your ideas for other eco-friendly wedding favors. We got some unique favors and party idea on our boards, so we'd be thrilled if you follow PomAdore.

August 23, 2014 by Emilia Pollina

How to Make A Watermelon Tissue Paper Pom

Nothing says summer like a slice of chilled watermelon. Now with a little tissue paper, this fabulous fruit can be decor for your table instead of only a dish on it. And here's a fun fact...did you know watermelon is the fruit that's really a vegetable? That's because it's roots come from squash and zucchini. Who knew? But whether fruit or veggie, let's make a watermelon pom!


Here's what you need:

1 sheet of kelly green tissue paper

2 sheets of green apple tissue paper

1 sheet of ivory tissue paper

8 sheets of bright red tissue paper

1 sheet of plain black or black diamond tissue paper



paper covered wire or twist tie

 There are two tricks to making this pom. The first is the way you layer your papers. The second is how to use the black tissue paper as an accent. The key to making the "seeds" is to cut the black tissue paper so you have several 2" strips.

I used 20" X 30" tissue paper. Take your one piece of black tissue paper and cut it into 2 inch by 20 inch strips so you'll have 15 strips. That's the exact amount of strips I used for this pom.

Next start laying your papers. On the bottom, put the kelly green paper, followed by the two green apple, an ivory and then one red. On top of the red, you'll need to glue two strips of black paper. One on the bottom and one on the top. Only put a little dab of glue in the center. This is only to keep the strips in place when you're ready to fold them. 

 Place another piece of red tissue paper over this layer and add your next two black strips just above where you placed them on the last sheet. Repeat but on the fourth sheet of red, add an extra black strip in the center so there are three strips of black. Then just go backward for the remaining red papers.

 Now you're ready to fold. Make sure all of your paper are aligned. Then fold all the papers accordion style like you would for any pom. I made these folds a little larger so the black strips would be encased. Cut your ends in a point. 


 Fold your pom in half from point to point and add your wire directly in the center. Make sure the long ends of the wire are on top of the red. 


Put your pinkie in between the two wires and twist the ends to create a little loop. Tuck under or cut off your excess wire over the loop. 
If you haven't opened a pom before, take a peak at our instructions. Once fluffed, tie your clear thread or ribbon to the loop and tie the other end to an item of your choice. I hung this one from an outdoor umbrella. Once you've placed your pom, fluff it one last time and you're ready to go.


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July 17, 2014 by Emilia Pollina

How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Wands

A wand is an essential element to any princess party. But there's no need to spend a small fortune or a ton of time to to make them. These pom wands come together like magic. Plus they are terrific party favors that will make little girls feel like royalty. 

What you'll need to make 6 wands:

6 ( 5") mini tissue paper poms, assembled but not opened

2  (36") dowels from a craft store

 hot glue gun or stick glue

washi tape

diamond like stick-on embellishments



Take your 5" mini pom and instead of using wire, tie the center with a ribbon or two of your choice. Then open your pom as you normally would. If you haven't opened a pom before, check out my instructions. I've got pictures and everything ;-) Now, take one of the dowels and with either gardening pruners or wire cutters, cut the wire into three equal lengths of 12 inches. Yep, your math is spot on. That's 3 wands in one 36 cent dowel. Nice.


Now take your washi tape and decorate the dowel. I just laid the washi tape flat onto the wood and wrapped it all the way around. How easy is that? Just in case you're wondering, I did try to make them with decorative paper straws, but while they were pretty, they are just not sturdy enough to make it through play time.

Once your wand is ready to go, take your fluffy pom and open it up where the ribbon was tied at the center. Put a little glue directly on the ribbon and sides and then lay your decorated dowel right on top. Add a little more glue on top. Then just squeeze the pom back together and hold for a few minutes. I did notice hot glue is super fast but if you don't have a hot glue gun, stick glue works well. You just have to make sure all areas are coated and you hold the closed pom tight for a minute or two.

Now, you're pretty much done. Tie your ribbon into a bow or add more ribbon if you wish. Add embellishments as I did for this blue wand. I used diamond like stickies to make this wand perfect for a Frozen Birthday Party. But the options are limitless. Be as creative as you like with the colors of your ribbon, poms, or washi tape.

 You can also use small 10" poms if you're going for more of a pin wheel, or should I say "pom wheel" effect. These pink poms below are ones I did for a client who wanted something special to tie into her hanging poms. Let your party theme or imagination rule--it is a magical princess wand after all, right? 

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July 10, 2014 by Emilia Pollina

An Icy Idea for A Frozen Birthday Party

You just can't have a Frozen Birthday Party without a little ice, right? On my last trip South, I stumbled upon an ice straw mold and wondered if it worked. So I decided to test it out. It was so easy to do, I thought I'd share my tips and tricks and this super simple idea for a cool looking beverage for a child's Frozen birthday party. But they would fabulous for any party in the summer.


What you'll need:
Jones Berry Lemonade Soda or Blue Kool-Aid
sugar sprinkles
wedge of lemon
ice straw mold

I used this Ice Straw mold by Barbuzzo, which I found at a candy shop in South Carolina. But a quick internet search showed me Nordstrom carries this ice straw maker for $9 with free shipping. It makes 6 straws per tray and yes, there are actual reusable straws that you pour your ice around so once you make a batch, you can store them and make more. How? If the straws are already encased in ice? Either cut plastic straws down to fit the mold or use decorative paper straws.

Believe it or not, they were very easy to use, although I learned some valuable lessons. One, before you fill them up, place the tray on a small baking pan. No matter how hard you try, water will spill over the first few times you fill them. Plus, the tray helps moving the mold to the freezer infinitely easier. Also make sure you have a flat surface in your freezer, one wide enough to hold the pan, so the mold stays level.

I thought It would look adorable to make these straws in a different color. So I tried to use some green soda (I was going for a Frozen theme remember?) and I soon realized carbonation was my enemy. The straws become much too brittle and broke when I tried to take them out, so if you're going for a colorful look, use a liquid that has no bubbles. Period. 

So getting back to this pretty blue beverage....I went with the Jones' soda because it's so icy looking and a mixture of sugared sprinkles. 

Pour the sprinkles on a small plate and line the rim of a glass with a lemon wedge and pretend it's a Margarita. Yes, those extensive salt skills will help you get a good rim of sugared sprinkles.

Add some ice and your blue beverage of choice. Grab one of your ice straws and you're done. The kids will think it's super cool, in more ways than one. And if you're wondering, the ice does not stick to lips or tongues. Yes, I did test that out. So no worries there. Plus, the ice melts nicely into the glass with the clear plastic straw continuing onward with it's task until it's ready to be washed and used once again. 


Please share your ideas or comments with me. And if you like this post, please follow PomAdore on Pitnerest. We follow back. We love a good party and truly enjoy sharing tips and ideas. Plus, if you're looking for a fun Frozen Party decoration, check out our ten piece Frozen Tissue Paper Pom Set that has an icy twist: Sparkling White Diamond Poms.


June 27, 2014 by Emilia Pollina