An Icy Idea for A Frozen Birthday Party

You just can't have a Frozen Birthday Party without a little ice, right? On my last trip South, I stumbled upon an ice straw mold and wondered if it worked. So I decided to test it out. It was so easy to do, I thought I'd share my tips and tricks and this super simple idea for a cool looking beverage for a child's Frozen birthday party. But they would fabulous for any party in the summer.


What you'll need:
Jones Berry Lemonade Soda or Blue Kool-Aid
sugar sprinkles
wedge of lemon
ice straw mold

I used this Ice Straw mold by Barbuzzo, which I found at a candy shop in South Carolina. But a quick internet search showed me Nordstrom carries this ice straw maker for $9 with free shipping. It makes 6 straws per tray and yes, there are actual reusable straws that you pour your ice around so once you make a batch, you can store them and make more. How? If the straws are already encased in ice? Either cut plastic straws down to fit the mold or use decorative paper straws.

Believe it or not, they were very easy to use, although I learned some valuable lessons. One, before you fill them up, place the tray on a small baking pan. No matter how hard you try, water will spill over the first few times you fill them. Plus, the tray helps moving the mold to the freezer infinitely easier. Also make sure you have a flat surface in your freezer, one wide enough to hold the pan, so the mold stays level.

I thought It would look adorable to make these straws in a different color. So I tried to use some green soda (I was going for a Frozen theme remember?) and I soon realized carbonation was my enemy. The straws become much too brittle and broke when I tried to take them out, so if you're going for a colorful look, use a liquid that has no bubbles. Period. 

So getting back to this pretty blue beverage....I went with the Jones' soda because it's so icy looking and a mixture of sugared sprinkles. 

Pour the sprinkles on a small plate and line the rim of a glass with a lemon wedge and pretend it's a Margarita. Yes, those extensive salt skills will help you get a good rim of sugared sprinkles.

Add some ice and your blue beverage of choice. Grab one of your ice straws and you're done. The kids will think it's super cool, in more ways than one. And if you're wondering, the ice does not stick to lips or tongues. Yes, I did test that out. So no worries there. Plus, the ice melts nicely into the glass with the clear plastic straw continuing onward with it's task until it's ready to be washed and used once again. 


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June 27, 2014 by Emilia Pollina



Fran said:

Kids will love this, but adults can also have great drinks with this too! Love your step by step photos… now I am ready to start. Thanks for your tips for very refreshing drinks for children and adults of all ages!!


Jan said:

Luv this idea. I’m planning a neighborhood party and this will add a very beautiful and festive element.Thanks for sharing.

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