How to Make Tissue Paper Pom Wands

A wand is an essential element to any princess party. But there's no need to spend a small fortune or a ton of time to to make them. These pom wands come together like magic. Plus they are terrific party favors that will make little girls feel like royalty. 

What you'll need to make 6 wands:

6 ( 5") mini tissue paper poms, assembled but not opened

2  (36") dowels from a craft store

 hot glue gun or stick glue

washi tape

diamond like stick-on embellishments



Take your 5" mini pom and instead of using wire, tie the center with a ribbon or two of your choice. Then open your pom as you normally would. If you haven't opened a pom before, check out my instructions. I've got pictures and everything ;-) Now, take one of the dowels and with either gardening pruners or wire cutters, cut the wire into three equal lengths of 12 inches. Yep, your math is spot on. That's 3 wands in one 36 cent dowel. Nice.


Now take your washi tape and decorate the dowel. I just laid the washi tape flat onto the wood and wrapped it all the way around. How easy is that? Just in case you're wondering, I did try to make them with decorative paper straws, but while they were pretty, they are just not sturdy enough to make it through play time.

Once your wand is ready to go, take your fluffy pom and open it up where the ribbon was tied at the center. Put a little glue directly on the ribbon and sides and then lay your decorated dowel right on top. Add a little more glue on top. Then just squeeze the pom back together and hold for a few minutes. I did notice hot glue is super fast but if you don't have a hot glue gun, stick glue works well. You just have to make sure all areas are coated and you hold the closed pom tight for a minute or two.

Now, you're pretty much done. Tie your ribbon into a bow or add more ribbon if you wish. Add embellishments as I did for this blue wand. I used diamond like stickies to make this wand perfect for a Frozen Birthday Party. But the options are limitless. Be as creative as you like with the colors of your ribbon, poms, or washi tape.

 You can also use small 10" poms if you're going for more of a pin wheel, or should I say "pom wheel" effect. These pink poms below are ones I did for a client who wanted something special to tie into her hanging poms. Let your party theme or imagination rule--it is a magical princess wand after all, right? 

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July 10, 2014 by Emilia Pollina
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