How to Make A Watermelon Tissue Paper Pom

Nothing says summer like a slice of chilled watermelon. Now with a little tissue paper, this fabulous fruit can be decor for your table instead of only a dish on it. And here's a fun fact...did you know watermelon is the fruit that's really a vegetable? That's because it's roots come from squash and zucchini. Who knew? But whether fruit or veggie, let's make a watermelon pom!


Here's what you need:

1 sheet of kelly green tissue paper

2 sheets of green apple tissue paper

1 sheet of ivory tissue paper

8 sheets of bright red tissue paper

1 sheet of plain black or black diamond tissue paper



paper covered wire or twist tie

 There are two tricks to making this pom. The first is the way you layer your papers. The second is how to use the black tissue paper as an accent. The key to making the "seeds" is to cut the black tissue paper so you have several 2" strips.

I used 20" X 30" tissue paper. Take your one piece of black tissue paper and cut it into 2 inch by 20 inch strips so you'll have 15 strips. That's the exact amount of strips I used for this pom.

Next start laying your papers. On the bottom, put the kelly green paper, followed by the two green apple, an ivory and then one red. On top of the red, you'll need to glue two strips of black paper. One on the bottom and one on the top. Only put a little dab of glue in the center. This is only to keep the strips in place when you're ready to fold them. 

 Place another piece of red tissue paper over this layer and add your next two black strips just above where you placed them on the last sheet. Repeat but on the fourth sheet of red, add an extra black strip in the center so there are three strips of black. Then just go backward for the remaining red papers.

 Now you're ready to fold. Make sure all of your paper are aligned. Then fold all the papers accordion style like you would for any pom. I made these folds a little larger so the black strips would be encased. Cut your ends in a point. 


 Fold your pom in half from point to point and add your wire directly in the center. Make sure the long ends of the wire are on top of the red. 


Put your pinkie in between the two wires and twist the ends to create a little loop. Tuck under or cut off your excess wire over the loop. 
If you haven't opened a pom before, take a peak at our instructions. Once fluffed, tie your clear thread or ribbon to the loop and tie the other end to an item of your choice. I hung this one from an outdoor umbrella. Once you've placed your pom, fluff it one last time and you're ready to go.


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July 17, 2014 by Emilia Pollina
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Ericka said:

I do not understand how to cut the black paper. DO you keep the center soild where the ribbon is and cut on the top and bottom?


Ericka said:

I do not understand how to cut the black paper. DO you keep the center soild where the ribbon is and cut on the top and bottom?

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