how to make a pumpkin tissue paper pom pom


It's time to start decorating for Fall and one easy way is add pumpkins. These tissue paper pumpkins are easy to make, inexpensive and can last for months if kept indoors. They can be hung from chandeliers or placed tabletop in a variety of sizes. 

here's what you need:

12 sheets of orange tissue paper 

1 sheet of green tissue paper


twist tie

Place the single sheet of green tissue paper on a flat service.  Then stack the 12 sheets of orange paper directly on top of the green sheet. Folds the papers in 2" accordion pleats, creasing after each fold. 

Cut the ends in a petal tip. Use sharp scissors to get through all the papers.

Fold the pom in half, petal tip to petal tip. Attach the twist tie in the center where the green is folded, securing well. Then use your pinkie finger to make a little loop. This is where you'll attach your string or clear thread if you wish to hang your pom.

Place the pom on a flat surface with the loop side up and start to unfold your papers, one sheet at a time. Take a look at our how to open your poms instructions for the best way to open poms.


Once your pom is fully opened, take the top green layer and twist it so it resembles a pumpkin vine, bending slightly at the top.

And there you have it! A pretty pumpkin pom.


If you love the idea of having these poms for fall, but can't find good quality, extra large sheets, consider purchasing our custom tissue paper in clementine. Or if you wish, contact us with your request and we'll make a 19" one for just $5 a piece. And please (pretty please) follow us on Facebook or Pinterest. We adore sharing our ideas. Enjoy!
October 02, 2014 by Emilia Pollina

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